Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Everything DiSC® Group Reports & Follow-Up Tools - Free Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Map

At a Glance
Each Everything DiSC® Sales Profile comes with unlimited access to free Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps, designed to help your sales team put DiSC to good use, even long after training.  

Participants receive access to their Everything DiSC Follow Up Activities portal , where they can create new customer interaction maps and review existing profiles at any time. Your team does NOT need to know anything about DiSC to create the reports. They’ll just enter their customer’s name, answer a few questions and a personalized report on how to sell to that customer will be automatically generated for them and saved to their personalized portal. 

The Everything DiSC Sales & follow-up reports improve your sales team’s effectiveness by helping them understand their DiSC style, identify customers' styles, and adapt their sales approach to meet customers’ needs. 

Website Features
  • 24/7 Access to Participant's Everything DiSC Sales Profile (if  made available to them)
  • Create Free, unlimited Customer Interaction Maps in just minutes
  • 24/7 Access to previously generated Customer Interaction Maps
  • Bookmark Capability 

Report Features
  • Everything DiSC Circular Map – Both DiSC styles are plotted on the map to provide a visual representation of their DiSC styles and distance from one another.
  • Priorities Comparison – This section lists your customers’ priorities from your perspective.
  • Strategies for Interaction – Each Customer Interaction Map will include three strategies for successful interaction with your customer. Strategies will vary, depending on customer’s DiSC style, truly providing a unique, personalized report. 

Who's Using the Reports
Anyone in some type of sales role, including salespeople, sales leaders, sales trainers and sales managers. 

Its Cost
FREE with the purchase of Everything DiSC Sales profile.

Generating the Report
This report is available to anyone using the Everything DiSC Sales profile. 

EPIC Users: Click on “Create a New Report/Issue Access Code” and select Everything DiSC as the product family and Everything DiSC Sales Profile as the product. You'll be prompted to "enable Follow-Up Activity option for the Report." Get started.

Sample Reports
“I’ve received some awesome feedback from our sales team about the customer interaction maps. Some of my employees have pointed out to me that the maps help them with even the most difficult customers.”

“I have to say I love the Everything DiSC Sales profile because it tells me my DiSC style and how to sell to customers of every DiSC style. I’ve made creating Customer Interaction Maps a part of my customer research and prep. routine. It only takes a few minutes, so I answer the questions, name the report and can review it before I talk to them.”

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