Monday, July 22, 2013

Everything DiSC Workplace® Communication Profile: Ahora disponible en Español!

Everything DiSC profiles - Communication Styles
Best-selling Communication Profile is now available in Spanish! 

That's all Workplace materials and profiles including:

About Workplace 

The Everything DiSC Workplace profile is a part of the Everything DiSC profile consisting product line:

While the other profiles are specific to different departments or roles in your organization (i.e. Management, Sales and Leadership), the Everything DiSC Workplace profile is perfect for any department. It focuses on communication and workplace relationships in order to help your group work more effectively together, no matter what role they are in within your company. 

Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:

Everything DiSC profiles - Communication Styles
  • Understanding your DiSC communication style 
  • Identifying and respecting other DiSC communication styles
  • Building relationships and communicating with other DiSC communication styles
The Translation Process 

As you know, our DiSC® Classic Profiles have been translated to many languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, German and many more.

The translation process is extensive including beta testing, norming and validation. This ensures that both words and meanings/norms are translated seamlessly and relative to participants. This also enables facilitators to run training programs with learners who have taken the Workplace profile in any language. While there will be slight differences, the core material remains the same. 

Try it! 

If you have taken the DiSC Classic in Spanish and would like to try the Everything DiSC Workplace, you can take the new profile for a reduced cost! Save $36 when you've taken a DiSC Classic Spanish profile with us in the past. (Typically $54)

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