Friday, July 22, 2011

DiSC Profiles Minimize Conflict and Maximize Productivity

It’s a busy Wednesday afternoon at ABC Technology, Inc. a mid-sized software and IT company based in Philadelphia, PA. STEVE, a quiet, yet successful Sales Manager, is walking down a long hallway to the coffee station when he overhears a shouting match going on between two of his employees. He finds them and the rest of his sales team in a nearby conference room.

(Entering the conference room)
Woah! What’s going on here? What are you guys fighting about? I could hear you from down the hall.

(Walking over to STEVE)
We were originally discussing an idea that Marsha had come up with, but she became irrational when we pointed out the flaws in her plan.

(Quickly standing up and point at JEFFREY.)
I did not get irrational! That’s just like you, Jeff. You cut me off when I’m speaking, and don’t expect me to continue with my thought. I hadn’t even gotten halfway...

Monday, July 18, 2011

The NEW USB drive makes customizing your DiSC® training programs even easier!

DiSC Facilitator Kit
If you’re tired of toggling back and forth between your Everything DiSC DVD for videos and your PowerPoint presentation, then this upgrade is for you. Now you can replace your existing DVD with an USB that incorporates the content, videos and resources materials in one easy-to-use package.

Why should you upgrade?
Upgrading to the USB format means:
  • Easier customization of Leader’s Guide and other Worksheets
  • Videos embedded into PowerPoint eliminates the toggle between the PowerPoint presentation and DVD
  • Less bulky & easier to transport
How to Update Your Facilitator’s Kit

If you bought your DiSC® Classic Facilitation System in 2011, there’s no charge to upgrade to the USB version. Just call Corexcel at 1.888.658.6641. You’ll be provided with instructions on updating. You’ll need to send in your DVD and Resources CD, and we’ll send you the new product.

If you bought your DiSC Classic Facilitation System prior to 2011, you can upgrade to the USB version for $295 plus shipping. Just call Corexcel at 1.888.658.6641 and you’ll be provided with instructions on updating. You’ll need to send in your DVD and Resources CD, and we’ll send you the USB version.

If you’re happy with your kit and DVD, there’s no need for you to do anything. Your DiSC Classic Facilitation System will continue to work as-is!

About the DiSC Classic Facilitator’s Kit

The DiSC Classic Facilitator’s Kit provides 11 pre-developed modules and 8 course outlines that help you create simple, effective DiSC based training – right out of the box! Mix and match modules to provide the most effective training for your group, and customize them to keep your brand in front of clients or employees.
The DiSC Facilitator’s Kit helps you provide training programs work with any of the following DiSC profiles:
Read more about DiSC Classic Facilitator’s Kit.

This brand new version is now available, so if you have any questions or would like to update your existing facilitator’s kit, please call Corexcel at 1.888.658.6641. Our offices are open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5:30pm Eastern Time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Everything DiSC Group Poster Helps Visual Learners

Now when you generate an Everything DiSC Group Culture or Facilitator Report, you can also generate a FREE Everything DiSC Group Poster! Your Group Poster will show your team’s dots on the brightly colored, easy to understand Everything DiSC circular map.

Each poster is optimized for 24” by 36” printing, which means that it can be professionally printed and easily incorporated into your training program or posted in a common area.

Why use Group Reports?

Group Reports are a great way for facilitators and managers to get a big picture of their group’s DiSC styles and understand how those styles can influence how their group functions.

Some of our clients use group reports to help them:
  • Understand why a team works well
  • Deal more effectively with conflict
  • Plan their next hire
  • Stimulate discussion on personal preferences and differences
What Everything DiSC Group Reports are available?

You can generate an Everything DiSC Facilitator and Group Culture Reports once 3 participants have completed any of the Everything DiSC profiles:

What’s the difference between a Facilitator Report and a Group Culture Report?

The Everything DiSC Facilitator Report gives you a summary of each DiSC culture in your group, including a Group Map with participants’ names. The facilitator report is perfect for trainers looking to understand their audience. It helps answer questions like, “How should I customize the training, if a majority of our audience is…?”

The Everything DiSC Group Culture Report gives you a synopsis of your group’s DiSC style and its impact on their day-to-day activities. The group culture report provides constructive feedback on the group’s culture including advantages and disadvantages of the group’s style while keeping participants’ names anonymous.

EPIC Users

When creating an Everything DiSC Group Culture or Facilitator Report, you’ll see an option to also generate an Everything DiSC Group Poster. For 25 EPIC Credits, you’ll receive both the Everything DiSC Group Culture or Facilitator Report and the complimentary, one page Everything DiSC Group Poster.

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