Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bad Management Blog Series #TBT

Throwing it Way Back with our Bad Management Blog Series

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday

We're still celebrating leadership this month with discounts, giveaways and posts surrounding leadership, so I thought it only fitting to repost the popular Bad Management Blog Series: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Boss? on this #TBT (Throwback Thursday).
bad management

This blog series focuses on the negative effects that bad management can have on everyone involved: the manager, the employees and the organization as a whole. No one wants to work for a bad manager and no one wants to be a bad manager, so what do we do?

Well first, read my blog posts! 

Second, fix the problem.

Find the tools you need to combat bad management in the workplace:

DiSC for Managers Profile - DiSC helps managers determine their management style and how to be more effective with  employees, peers and superiors of all DiSC styles. Group Reports and Comparison Reports make Everything DiSC ideal for management training. 

Online Management Courses - Accredited, online, self-paced courses cover hot topics like effective negotiatinghandling difficult employee behaviorstime managementcoaching and more.

New! Manager's ToolBox - Online, self-paced courses designed specifically for new managers covering topics like handling conflicts, boosting morale, new leader challenges and more. Courses are available individually or as a certificate program. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Management and Leadership: What's the Difference?

What's the Difference Between Management and Leadership?

By: Jason Willey 

Management and LeadershipLeadership is one of the most researched and published topics over the past 20 years.  Right now, you can walk into almost any book store and find 25-100 books on leadership best practices, tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts.  But how is this different than the topic of management?  Isn't a manager a leader and vice versa?  

Some still think so, but we beg to differ.

Management and Leadership Differences

You might be thinking, "Wait, is this one of those 'a manager can be a leader, but a leader can’t be a manager' things?"  Not really. Management, in its basic form is progressing throughout the workday with little to no incident.  Most managers work to make sure things stay the same and their employees do their job.  Their primary focus is to oversee the day to day activities of their staff and make sure things run smoothly.  

Leadership takes it a step further. Leadership is having a “strategic mindset” versus a “day to day mindset.” Leaders develop a vision; they rally the troops and make big things happen.  Leaders push the boundaries, break through barriers and forge new paths!  Leaders find ways to not only meet the goal, but surpass it.  

Effective leaders also have people willingly following them. John Maxwell once said, “If you think you are a leader, but no one is following you, you’re just taking a walk.”   

An easy way to think of the difference between the two is: management is working in a “one to one” relationship, versus leadership, which is a “one to many” relationship.  

Using Work of Leaders to Help Define Management and Leadership

One of our customers, a human resource director from a major quality of life corporation, is currently running an eight month Management Leadership Training (MLT) course with her high level employees.  She is using the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment to help her people understand that leadership is about seeing the big picture and understanding how to effectively move yourself, and your people, to a better place. Telling your employees, "You may be a manager now, but we want you to be a leader tomorrow" has to have a positive effect on their outlook, don't you think?

She says, “The first class in the MLT discusses the difference between Management and Leadership.  You can really see the participants start to grasp the concept of leadership!” The Work of Leaders assessment helps with this and focuses on leadership in three areas: Crafting a Vision, Building Alignment and Champion Execution.  Based on your answers to the assessment, you may have strengths or weaknesses in these areas. Learning this information helps to build self-awareness and most importantly, awareness of the difference between management and leadership.

Don’t just manage the status quo, strive to be a leader.  Your world needs more leaders!

Friday, June 07, 2013

NEW COURSE ALERT: Online Management Classes for New Managers

Online, Self-paced Courses Available NOW for New Managers

That's right! Our newest addition to the online management and leadership courses is The Manager's Toolbox: A series of online, self-paced courses designed specifically for new managers!

management classes for new managers
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The Manager's Toolbox was developed specifically for new managers who want to effectively:
  • Administer policies and procedures.
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  • Create a positive work environment.
  • Communicate effectively with direct reports, peers and superiors.
  • Handle adversity or crisis situations.
  • Lead change.
  • Organize work for others.
  • Plan and budget.
  • Recruit, train, and develop employees.
  • Lead by example.
  • Solve problems.
  • Express vision for leadership.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Celebrating Leadership ALL MONTH LONG

Corexcel leadership
Leadership is one of the most challenging positions to fulfill. How do you know you're doing a good job? Are your employees happy; productive? Are YOU happy? How do you measure effective leadership?

Effective leadership is continuously learned and can be extremely powerful. As leaders, it's vital to continue growing and investing in yourself (and your team).

To honor the importance of leadership (and make it a little easier for leaders to offer training opportunities to their staff), we're offering:

  • Discounts on our most popular courses
  • Giveaways of some of our favorite leadership products
  • Helpful leadership & team building tips
  • Inspirational leadership quotes and more! 

If you're looking to develop you or your team's skills, now is the time!

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