Friday, December 10, 2010

Nothing Compares to the NEW Comparison Report Batch Function!

I couldn’t resist with the title! If you read my latest blog entry about the EPIC batch function feature, you’re going to love my new post about the batch function for Comparison Reports! If you don’t know what Comparison Reports are, don’t worry, I’ll explain it all!

The Everything DiSC Application Library is a new group of products based on the DiSC theory:
  • Everything DiSC Workplace – Workplace is seen as a more personalized and user-friendly upgrade to the original DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile. Workplace provides 350x more personalization and a circular model.
  • Everything DiSC Sales – This report gives you (or your sales team) insight on your selling style and how to adapt to various buying styles. It also includes a FREE Customer Interaction Map.
  • Everything DiSC Management – This gives you an idea of your management style and how it affects both direct reports and superiors.
  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders – NEW! DiSC's version of a 360 Report. It provides personalized, approachable 360 degree feedback and 3 personalized strategies to carry forward.

You lost me at Comparison Report…

Comparison Reports are FREE 11-page, research-validated follow-up reports that can be generated for any two participants who have taken any of the above listed profiles. These reports help to illustrate the similarities and differences between two people, across 6 behavioral traits. You can create a comparison report for each person, so that they will have a personalized report based on their perspective working with the other person.

These reports are great to use as a follow-up to training, or to help with conflict resolution between two employees. A few months ago, my colleague and I (both iS’s) ran a Comparison Report for ourselves. What’s interesting is that although we had the same style, we were still far apart from each other on some of the scales. It just goes to show that even if two employees are similar in style, there is still much to learn using the Comparison Reports!

So, what’s so great about the new Comparison Report batch function?
Before the batch function, you would have to manually select each Comparison Report to generate, at a time. Could you imagine if you wanted to run comparison reports for your entire group? Now, you can generate multiple reports at once! And, you can even choose to run reports based on one person’s perspective, or choose to have all participants compared to one another. Excellent feature!

While you will be able to view, save and print these reports in a matter of minutes, they will also be automatically saved in your EPIC account for you.

Already have your Comparison Reports ready to go? Just use the original Batch Generation function to view all of them at the same time.

Overall, just like the original Batch Function, this new addition really makes creating and viewing Comparison Reports a very easy process! The Comparison Reports are such a neat addition to the Everything DiSC Application Library, I hope this increases the likelihood of using them… did I mention they’re free?

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