Tuesday, July 17, 2007

EPIC Upgrades - DiSC Profile Online

On July 10th the Electronic Profile Information Center - EPIC was upgraded to make it more user friendly. EPIC is an online account people use to manage DiSC Profile distribution and reporting. The system is perfect for organizations that want 24/7 access to profiles and want the ability to brand their reports, customize profile distribution and manage their profiles. EPIC account owners can now:
  • Customize Email Messages with color and images using the new rich-text editor
  • Assign Access Codes Easier using the new products listing
  • Minimize Errors by importing participant info using new Excel spreadsheet option
  • Permanently remove obsolete records with new Delete function
  • Quickly resend access codes with the new check-off screen
  • Organize reports, create folders and move reports as needed
If you have an EPIC account Log into EPIC now and you'll find 3 new resources:
  • PowerPoint Tutorial: Highlights the key enhancements
  • EPIC Enhancements: Detailed list of each enhancement made
  • EPIC Quick Start Guide: Abbreviated User's Guide to help you understand the basics of the EPIC System
If you're interested in test driving the system you can check out the look and feel with Corexcel's demo account. Use the information below to take a look.
For questions or more information visit Corexcel or call 1-888-658-6641