Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June's Free Webinar: Build Bench Strength | Develop Your Emerging Leaders

It's easy to get so caught up in the "every day" that you forget about tomorrow. To keep ahead of changing demographics, you need to focus on leadership development now. 

Who is an emerging leader?

An emerging leader may be:
  • Individuals new to a leadership role 
  • Employees identified as having leadership potential 
  • Experienced leaders looking to improve their skills 

Our free webinar, Build Bench Strength: Develop Your Emerging Leaders will help you develop a program to support emerging leaders in your organization.

You'll get insight on key questions like:
  • What trends are driving the urgency for leadership development?
  • How do we identify "emerging leaders" in our organization?
  • What do employees want from leaders?
  • What are key attributes of leaders? 
  • How can leadership best practices increase emerging leaders' effectiveness? 

Join us next Thursday, June 25th to learn how Everything DiSC "Work of Leaders" can help you develop your emerging leaders!