Thursday, May 29, 2008

Using DiSC for Sales

What a novel idea... Using the DiSC Profile with your sales force. Did you know you can take it a step further? You can present DiSC Training to your sales force with off-the-shelf customizable trainer kits. It's never been so easy.

Everything DiSC Sales® Application Library

This dynamic program consists of six 50 minute modules aimed specifically towards sales. The trainer materials work in conjunction with the Everything DiSC Sales Profile and include:

  • Leader’s Guides in Microsoft Word

  • PowerPoint presentation with embedded video

  • Stand-alone, menu-driven video

  • Participant handouts in Microsoft Word

  • Templates and images

  • Sample Everything DiSC Sales Profile

  • Sample Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Map

  • Research documentation Sales Interview Activity Card sets (for 24 participants)

  • Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Guides (for 24 participants)

If you have any experience with DiSC, you'll realize what a valuable product this is.