Thursday, October 04, 2012

Where are you going? DiSC Style Activity for Groups

Nick Mantia, a National Sales Training Consult and a fellow member of a DiSC Profiles Group on LinkedIn, submitted a fun activity he uses with his training groups to break the ice while simultaneously teaching his participants about DiSC style and behaviors. Thought I'd pass it along to you in case you'd like to try it with your group. If you use it, let us know! We would love your feedback. 

Where are you going? DiSC Style Activity

After determining DiSC styles in the group, the facilitator divides them into  D, i, S and C groups and have them describe what trip they are taking as a group. Where are you going?
Here's what he has noticed over the past 15 years of using this exercise. 

The D style:

  • Usually go for a dark marker
  • Go to one place for 2 weeks, conquer it! 
  • First class EVERYTHING 
  • Bullet-pointed list 
  • Always finish the activity first (even though its not a competition)

The i Style: 
  • Divide into small groups, chatting
  • Those who stay focused on the task usually go for a cruise 
  • VIP everything!
  • Multiple colored markers 
  • Draw pictures
  • Always reference alcohol! 

The S style:
  • Ask for the rules again
  • Choose a location for the scenery
  • Main goal: Relax 
  • Usually mention family 
  • Trip will include multiple activities as to not offend anyone

The C style:
  • Use a scratch piece of paper (instead of the flip chart)
  • Discuss travel logistics
  • Coordinate the time/schedule 
  • Include what they'll pack and other details about the trip

Thanks for sharing, Nick!

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