Monday, October 22, 2012

Everything DiSC® Profiles - Group Reports & Free Follow-Up Tools

Make your DiSC® training stick, and save money doing it! 

It’s no secret that you want your DiSC® training programs to be memorable, and most importantly, effective. You want your team to leave training thinking,“Wow, that was really interesting. I’ll definitely hold on to that info!” which, let’s face it, is sometimes difficult to do… Especially on a tight budget.

Have no fear! Everything DiSC makes it easy and in-expensive to conduct follow-up sessions with your team. Invest in Everything DiSC and get the MOST from your training program without breaking the budget.

The Everything DiSC® product line includes:
  1. Everything DiSC Workplace
  2. Everything DiSC Sales
  3. Everything DiSC Management
  4. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®
  5. Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders
Everything DiSC profiles use Online Adaptive Testing to provide detailed, yet easy-to-understand behavioral information on how you work in functions like sales, management and leadership. The result is a personalized report specific to you and how you could work better with your peers, employees, managers and/or customers.

What Customers Are Saying About Everything DiSC

“I never knew that Everything DiSC had all of these extra reports… and for free? I’ll take it!”

“Now that we have been using Everything DiSC for a few months, it’s like clockwork. Have your team take the assessment, generate the group report and have mini-sessions using the comparison reports. Done.”

“I was hesitant to make the switch from the basic DiSC Profile to the Everything DiSC. But, it’s so worth it. The free follow up reports are key.”

Group Reports, Supplemental Reports & FREE Follow-Up Tools

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting each of the group reports and follow-up tools that help support the Everything DiSC profiles and ensure that your team is getting the MOST out of your DiSC training programs.

Whether you're handling conflict resolution among 2 employees, looking for more information about a candidate, coaching one of your best leaders or trying to remember your customers’ DiSC buying styles, these Everything DiSC reports will help you accomplish your goals… 

and, did we mention that some of them are FREE?

Here's what we covered, including background information, free sample reports, customer testimonials and tips!

Week 3 - Everything DiSC Team View FREE with EPIC
Week 5 - Everything DiSC Comparison Reports FREE with EPIC

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