Monday, November 25, 2013

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

NEW Everything DiSC Management Profile – Precise Results & Updated Facilitator Kit

Corexcel is excited to announce that the Everything DiSC Management profile & facilitator kit have been updated. Last year we wrote about the Everything DiSC move to Adaptive Testing (AT) and a new, more advanced, scoring algorithm. 

One by one, the profiles have been getting updated to the new look. We're excited to announce that the Everything DiSC Management system is now updated with a more personalized profile and even more accurate results! 

What does this mean to you?

free disc report sample

Everything DiSC Management now reflects the following changes:

More Accurate Results – Participants will now see the effects of Adaptive Testing in their management profile report, meaning more accurate results and the potential for additional priorities associated with their personal DiSC profile (see shading to right).

Personalized Narrative & Priorities – The new profile report comes with a personalized introduction, narrative about the participants’ specific DiSC style and location and information about additional priorities (if applicable).

Updated Look & Organization – The Everything DiSC Management report and facilitator kit have been redesigned so that they are easier to understand and use.

DiSC Styles Overview – the new profiles contain an Appendix that provides a snapshot of the 4 basic DiSC styles as well as the Everything DiSC Management priorities.

Updated, Streamlined Facilitator Kits – The new USB contains a master slide deck, a master leader’s guide and a master handout file rather than slides, guides and handouts for each module. The handouts also include images “Everything DiSC Management Resources” linking to additional videos, sample reports and user guides. DiSC Styles Overview and Everything DiSC Management Map also reflect the new look.

Free DiSC Profiles – Try to the new profile!

If you or your team have previously completed an Everything DiSC Management profile, you can try the new Management profile for free

  • Completed 79-item Everything DiSC Management Profiles (taken prior to 7/21/12):You can send a new, AT Everything DiSC Management assessment to anyone who took a 79-item Management Profile for free! They’ll need to complete a new Everything DiSC Management AT access code, but they’ll get the updated profile at no cost. 

  • Completed AT Management Profiles (taken between 7/21/12 and 10/3/13): You can generate the new Everything DiSC Management Profile for anyone who took the AT Management assessment between 7/21/12 and 10/3/13 for free. Simply generate their report in EPIC and you’ll see the new version of the profile. Profiles taken during this time have been automatically updated to the new look. 
Contact Corexcel at 1-888-658-6641 for more information!

What is Adaptive Testing?

Read our original post on the Everything DiSC switch to Adaptive Testing.

Everything DiSC Profiles 

Everything DiSC Workplace - Communication and Team building 
Everything DiSC Sales - Include Customer Interaction Maps for quick and easy use 
Everything DiSC Management - How to delegate, management and work with others 
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders - Personalized road map to being a more effective leader 
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