Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everything DiSC Sales

We often get calls from clients looking to use the DiSC profile for their sales personnel. I am happy to report that Inscape Publishing recently introduced a second DiSC product related to sales. The latest product is called Everything DiSC Sales and will help organizations use the DiSC model to improve their sales efforts. This is a brand-new facilitator kit with in-depth, customizable DiSC-based sales insight modules. The facilitator kit is used in conjunction with the new Everything DiSC Sales Profile. This profile is research validated, sales specific and provides a 22 page report for participants. Salespeople that use this profile will be better able to understand themselves, their customers and their sales relationship. The Everything DiSC Sales Program consists of 6-50 minute modules. It makes life easier for trainers because it eliminates the need for extensive course development. The work has already been done for you. All six modules are fully scripted plus they contain engaging experiential and processing activities. The kit also includes really nice video segments. Over the last three years or so, the videos being produced have really improved. They were really good before but they’ve still found a way to improve their video production. The video included with Everything DiSC Sales has more than 60 minutes of real-world sales-specific customer interactions. Trainers can use the video:
  • as stand-alone clips
  • integrated with the PowerPoint presentation included
  • integrated into your custom PowerPoint presentation
We're really excited about this new program. For more information on the Everything DiSC Sales Program, please visit the Corexcel website.