Thursday, February 21, 2013

Everything DiSC® Group Reports & Follow-Up Tools - Interaction Guides for DiSC Management, Workplace & Sales

At a Glance
The Everything DiSC Interaction Guides are designed to compliment the Everything DiSC Management, Workplace and Sales training programs. Interaction Guides allow your employees to utilize DiSC long after the DiSC training is over. 

The Interaction Guides work as a cheat sheet for employees to remember or identify others' DiSC styles in seconds. The Interaction Guides for Everything DiSC Management, Sales and Workplace are perfect for before sales calls or employee meetings. Their the perfect size for a wallet, day planner or briefcase so your staff can easily access them in the real world: anytime, anywhere in a matter of seconds.

Interaction Guide Features 
  • Perfect Size for on-the-go
  • People Reading helps you determine others’ DiSC styles in 2 simple steps 
  • Everything DiSC Circular Map is brightly colored and labeled with all 8 DiSC priorities 
  • Tips for Working Effectively help you work with all DiSC styles when*: 
    • Trying to Connect
    • Problems Need to be Solved 
    • Things Get Tense

Who's Using the Interaction Guides 
Human resources managers, training facilitators, coaches, managers, sales leaders, sales team, employees of all levels, senior-level managers, managers organizational development professionals and consultants.

Its Cost
$24 for a set of 25 

What People Are Saying About It
“I was happy to see my employees using the Interaction Guides well after our meeting on building better relationships was over. They seem to really like having a cheat sheet to remember team member’s DiSC styles so they can get the most out of their interactions together.”

“My sales team uses them in addition to the online Customer Interaction Maps. I see that a lot of them  keep it on their desk or in a desk drawer and go to it when they need it. One member of my team reviewed it once while they were on hold waiting for a client.” 

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