Monday, July 22, 2013

Everything DiSC Workplace® Communication Profile: Ahora disponible en Español!

Everything DiSC profiles - Communication Styles
Best-selling Communication Profile is now available in Spanish! 

That's all Workplace materials and profiles including:

About Workplace 

The Everything DiSC Workplace profile is a part of the Everything DiSC profile consisting product line:

While the other profiles are specific to different departments or roles in your organization (i.e. Management, Sales and Leadership), the Everything DiSC Workplace profile is perfect for any department. It focuses on communication and workplace relationships in order to help your group work more effectively together, no matter what role they are in within your company. 

Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:

Everything DiSC profiles - Communication Styles
  • Understanding your DiSC communication style 
  • Identifying and respecting other DiSC communication styles
  • Building relationships and communicating with other DiSC communication styles
The Translation Process 

As you know, our DiSC® Classic Profiles have been translated to many languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, German and many more.

The translation process is extensive including beta testing, norming and validation. This ensures that both words and meanings/norms are translated seamlessly and relative to participants. This also enables facilitators to run training programs with learners who have taken the Workplace profile in any language. While there will be slight differences, the core material remains the same. 

Try it! 

If you have taken the DiSC Classic in Spanish and would like to try the Everything DiSC Workplace, you can take the new profile for a reduced cost! Save $36 when you've taken a DiSC Classic Spanish profile with us in the past. (Typically $54)

Free DiSC Sample Reports in Spanish

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Social Media, Customer Service and the New Salesperson

Social Media, Customer Service and the New Salesperson

I attended a webinar today that focused on, you guessed it, sales! We talked about identifying prospects, working with new customers and how social media has changed the way we sell.

80% of global consumers research
products online before buying in stores.
Think about it. Say you want to buy a brand new 50 inch TV for above your fireplace (recommendations welcome!). It's not very likely that you'll drive from store to store looking for TV's. First, you'll visit Facebook; ask your friends for their help. You'll do a search using Google or Bing to do some research on specials, coupons, brands and customer reviews. THEN you'll head to the local stores to see what they have in stock.

Back in the day, salespeople played a different role in the buying process than they do now, and in return they are looked at differently. Many times, especially in smaller transactional type sales, salespeople are now seen as the final step in the transaction practice rather than the very first.

Salespeople are the confirmation buyers need that they are making the right purchase.

Sure, we'll chat online with a representative or ask the salesperson for help, but now salespeople have to focus more on customer service than simply product information.
Image credit: Steve Patrizi,
Head of Parner Marketing at Pinterest

And here's why.

The customer has most likely done their research prior to engaging with the salesperson. The customer knows what they want. They'll walk into a store to look at the TV's in person and finalize the details, but they have a few products specifically in mind.

While years past, the customers’ questions may have been:
  • What kind of TV would you recommend? 
  • What kind of promotions are you currently running? 
  • What's the difference between X and Y? 
The customers are now asking:
  • Will you honor the 20% off coupon I found online 
  • Do I need a new HD cable or can I use my old one? 
  • I saw your competitor has this TV for less. Do you price match? 
New Salesperson's Role in Customer Service

When customers are finally ready to engage with a salesperson they are armed with:
  1. Information - They know about your product and pricing. They may even know who you are after checking your LinkedIn profile. 
  2. Opinions - They may have been referred to your company by friends or have read reviews on the products or services.
  3. Your competitors' information - They know where they can find the same product elsewhere and they may have already talked to them. 
This changes everything. Now it's all about customer service. The new salesperson knows that their customers may already be further along in the sales process when they contact them, and they are prepared.

Customer service affects everything we do. If you and a competitor are providing the same product at the same price, how you handle your potential customers may be the only thing that gets you the sale or gets in the way of a sale.

So, How Do We Deal?

Sales is not only about being able to think on your feet, but it is also about being flexible and accommodating to your customers' needs. The Everything DiSC® for Sales profile is just what you need in order to:
  1. Understand your selling style
  2. Quickly identify the buying styles of customers 
  3. Adapt your selling style to meet their needs 
Because of social media, the new salesperson needs to be able to jump into the sales process halfway through, and again, make a first impression after the customer may have already developed one for them.

Everything DiSC for Sales is ideal for any sales team looking to make long lasting relationships with potential and current customers. Each Everything DiSC for Sales online profile comes with unlimited, complimentary Customer Interaction Maps that will help the sales team develop quick, effective guides to working with customers in just a few minutes. Perfect for before conference calls, webinars or while they are on hold waiting to speak to someone.

The goal here is being able to make connections with potential customers and prove them right (or wrong) about your products and services!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Work of Leaders Book - New Book, New Lease on Leadership

How Work of Leaders is Changing the Way We Lead
Free DiSC Assessment & Book Offer

As you may know, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile and classroom training was developed for leaders of all leadership styles, industries and experience levels in order to help us all reach our full leadership potential. Thousands of organizations have already incorporated the leadership training into their organizational development plans with overwhelmingly positive results.

The Work of Leaders book is all about accessibility! It was important to get the Work of Leaders ideology and success out to the masses. The creators of DiSC and Everything DiSC® compiled six extensive years’ worth of research and spoke with thousands of successful leaders to develop this easy-to-use, effective leadership book: The Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change the Way You Lead. 

I think this quote sums it up best:
Learning to be a leader is like learning to be a great athlete, musician or artist. It’s a capability that develops over time, through trial and error, hard work and practice. Leadership is learned by doing, not simply by taking notes in a classroom
- Stanford Graduate School of Business
Leadership is about constantly growing and developing yourself and your staff. It’s a journey that never really ends, with small and large successes (and failures) along the way.

The Work of Leaders was written with just that in mind. The book is ideal for leaders of any stage or experience level looking for immediate results through coaching and best practices. Even the most experienced leaders will be able to learn more about being flexible in their leadership style as they continue to learn about best practices and adapt them to everyday life.

How does it work?

The Work of Leaders is based on three equally important responsibilities in leadership:

1. Crafting a Vision (V): Imagining an improved future state that the group will make a reality through its work

2. Building Alignment (A): Getting to the point where everyone in the group understands and is committed to the direction

3. Championing Execution (E): Ensuring that the conditions are present for the imagined future to be turned into reality

All three of these responsibilities (commonly referred to VAE) reflect leadership best practices that all successful leaders have adapted to their leadership methods.

Readers will not only learn about leadership best practices but exactly how to reach their goals with details on how exactly to craft a vision, build alignment and champion execution. The writers did an excellent job of combining passion with helpful insight and real-world case scenarios and techniques. It’s definitely a must-read for those of you leadership nerds like me!

Free DiSC Assessment & Book Offer

I’d love to get the word out about this new book and how powerful it can be paired with the Work of Leaders profile assessment.