Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Everything DiSC - What Does The Future Hold

Exciting things are happening in the world of the DiSC Profile and the Everything DiSC Facilitation System.

In 2004 Inscape Publishing developed the Everything DiSC Facilitation System to create DiSC literacy using a foundational, multipurpose system to present DiSC to your clients, your staff or any group that could benefit from the advantages DiSC provides. Currently this system utilizes the DiSC Paper Profile, DiSC Classic 2.0 Online and the DiSC PPSS. Some people use one while others choose to use all of the profiles for a complete DiSC solution. It really gives trainers a lot of flexibility.

However, this system had a few restrictions when it came to customization and the video integration. The good news is they're being addressed and this fall we will have system available to you that provides a consistent approach to module delivery. Inscape continues to be the best when it comes to product development, research and staying current with today's business environment.

The assessments will be even more accurate than the 28 question survey already used with paper and online DiSC Profile. Facilitator's will be able to use it to address a wide array of business issues that are common to virtually every organization. The new approach will be more of an in-depth, specialized approach to increase the relevancy of DiSC. This will be a perfect fit for delivering DiSC based training solutions When it comes to your business applications. Unfortunately I can't give away the exact nature of the program developments but I can tell you they will definitely apply to your organization.

Just as an example: the DVD's used in the current system play separately from the PowerPoint. It's nice to have a DVD with all the videos but in the near future they will be incorporated into a more seamless presentation. Another enhancement is the ability to edit the materials, giving you greater flexibility for customizing the materials. In case you can't tell we're pretty excited about the new system. To be notified of all the changes when they become available just send us an email and we'll put you on the list of people to notify.