Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everything DiSC® Group Reports & Follow Up Tools - Everything DiSC® Team View

At a Glance

The Everything DiSC® Team View provides an at-a-glance view of your group’s DiSC styles. This report is FREE for all EPIC account owners. You can create as many Team View reports as you'd like with as many participants as you'd like!

Report Features

  • Participant names and their coordinating DiSC style located on brightly colored Everything DiSC Circular Maps.
  • Unlimited number of participants 
Who’s Using It
Human resources managers, training facilitators, coaches, managers, organizational development professionals and consultants.

It’s Cost
FREE for all EPIC Users.

Generating the Report
EPIC Users: Click on “Create a New Report/Issue Access Code” and select Everything DiSC as the product family and Everything DiSC Team View as the product. You’ll be prompted to select the participants you’d like to be included in the report. This report can include as many participants as you’d like, as long as they have completed one of the Everything DiSC Profiles (Workplace, Sales, Management, Work of Leaders and 363 for Leaders).

Sample Report
Everything DiSC Team View

What People Are Saying About It

I run the Everything DiSC Team View for each of my departments. After each manager and their staff have taken profiles, I generate a Team View for myself. It gives me just enough information that I need. It's free, so why not?" 

“I usually use the Everything DiSC Team View as visual representation of our DiSC styles in my training programs. Since we have a small group, everyone is comfortable with each other knowing what their style is, so I print it out and post it on the whiteboard.”

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