Thursday, January 03, 2013

Everything DiSC® Group Reports & Follow Up Tools - FREE Everything DiSC® Comparison Report

At a Glance
Everything DiSC® Comparison Reports are free disc reports that can be created for any two Everything DiSC® participants, whether they have taken workplace, sales, leadership or management DiSC reports. The Comparison Report is a research-validated report that compares participants to each in other in order to build better relationships and reinforce training. It is also commonly used to help repair relationships between particular team members, as well.

Each participant receives a personalized report designed specifically for them on how to work with the other team member. The Comparison Report allows the participant to not only discover their similarities and differences, but also make notes and highlight certain areas of interest or concern.

Report Features

  • Welcome Back to Everything DiSC – Reintroduces participants to the Everything DiSC Map by reviewing the DiSC styles and their behaviors.
  • DiSC Style Comparison – This portion lays the foundation for comparing the two participants to each other. Participants’ names and DiSC styles are plotted on the map to provide a visual representation of their DiSC styles and distance from one another. Finally, a brief paragraph provides insight on understanding each other’s priorities.
  • Your Similarities and Differences – Participants are given instructions on using the data within the comparison report in order to effectively communicate with the other person. Each person receives personalized narrative on where they and their team member fall on 6 trait continuum's, chosen specifically because of their DiSC styles.
  • Summary & Action Planning – This section prompts for discussion and action toward building a better relationship with the other team member. Your team members can rank the 6 traits by importance to their relationship and develop action items for how to do so.
Who’s Using It
Human resources managers, training facilitators, coaches, managers, organizational development professionals and consultants.

Its Cost
FREE with EPIC Account

Generating the Report
This report is available to ALL EPIC Account Holders using the Everything DiSC profiles. Everything DiSC Comparison Reports can be generated once 2 participants have taken any of the Everything DiSC profiles (including WorkplaceSalesManagementWork of Leaders and 363 for Leaders). 

EPIC Users: Click on “Create a New Report/Issue Access Code” and select Everything DiSC as the product family and Everything DiSC Comparison Report as the product. You’ll be prompted to select the participants you’d like to be included in the report. This report can include as many participants as you’d like, as long as they have completed one of the Everything DiSC profiles (including Workplace, Sales, Management, Work of Leaders and 363 for Leaders).

Sample Report
Everything DiSC Comparison Report 

What People Are Saying About It
“I have used other "profiles" in the past but made the switch to Everything DiSC when I learned about the comparison reports. I noticed that other "profiles" lacked the follow-up reporting I needed. I also like that they are customizable, and you can run as many as you need with just a few clicks."

“I used these profiles and reports with a training program for my sales team. Our sales team took the Everything DiSC Sales profile. Their Manager took Everything DiSC Management, and then I ran Comparison Reports on everyone so they could do one-on-one sessions during their weekly meetings. It was really easy."

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