Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Everything DiSC® Group Reports & Follow-Up Tools - Free Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators

At a Glance

The Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators is a free DiSC report that can be generated off of any Everything DiSC profile (including WorkplaceSalesManagementWork of Leaders and 363 for Leaders). 

This free Supplement for Facilitators report is a quick and easy review of your participants' DiSC style but takes it a step further by providing both the participant's scores in each of the DiSC styles and their unexpected characteristics. This information will help you ask better interview questions with potential hires and conduct more meaningful discussions with employees as you explore aspects of participants' personality that may not be consistent with their primary or secondary DiSC style.

Report Features
  • DiSC Scales – The participant’s “umbrella graph” shows their scores across the eight different DiSC scales, a visual representation of how invested the participant is in each DiSC personality style.
  • Unexpected Items – This portion of the report shows your participant’s unexpected behaviors (based on their answers and their DiSC style). For example, if your participant’s DiSC style is an iS, but they mentioned an attention to detail as an important aspect of their behavioral style.
  • Priority Sub-scales – The bar graph shows you the participant’s scores in each of the eight priority sub-scales. This allows you to see how important each of the priorities are to your participant.
  • Definitions & Frequently Asked Questions – The last page of the report includes definitions of frequently used DiSC verbiage and FAQ’s about the report. 

Who's Using the Reports
Human resources managers, training facilitators, coaches, managers, organizational development professionals and consultants.

Its Cost
FREE with EPIC Account

Generating the Report
This report is available to ALL EPIC Account Holders using the Everything DiSC® profiles. An Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators can be generated off of any of the Everything DiSC profiles

EPIC Users: Click on “Manage Reports \ View Completion Reports” and use Search Criteria to pull up the profile you want to generate. You’ll be given the option to print off both the profile and Supplement for Facilitators or each of them by themselves.

Sample Reports

What People Are Saying About It
“I switched from the original DiSC Profile to Everything DiSC for Workplace to help with my interview process. I noticed that not only do I receive more information on the candidate, but the Supplement for Facilitators report provides some really interesting data that I make sure to bring up in my interviews."

“I use the Comparison Reports and Supplement for Facilitators reports during my mentor sessions with my employees. The supplement report helps us find some common ground that we may have not known about before.”

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