Friday, July 22, 2011

DiSC Profiles Minimize Conflict and Maximize Productivity

It’s a busy Wednesday afternoon at ABC Technology, Inc. a mid-sized software and IT company based in Philadelphia, PA. STEVE, a quiet, yet successful Sales Manager, is walking down a long hallway to the coffee station when he overhears a shouting match going on between two of his employees. He finds them and the rest of his sales team in a nearby conference room.

(Entering the conference room)
Woah! What’s going on here? What are you guys fighting about? I could hear you from down the hall.

(Walking over to STEVE)
We were originally discussing an idea that Marsha had come up with, but she became irrational when we pointed out the flaws in her plan.

(Quickly standing up and point at JEFFREY.)
I did not get irrational! That’s just like you, Jeff. You cut me off when I’m speaking, and don’t expect me to continue with my thought. I hadn’t even gotten halfway...

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