Wednesday, August 07, 2013

DiSC Profiles Training - Types of Learning Styles INFOGRAPHIC

DiSC Profiles Training - Types of Learning Styles

I thought it would be neat to come up with a fun, quick DiSC profiles training infographic to highlight the DiSC types of learning styles. 

The most successful training facilitators know that they need to customize their facilitation style to meet the types of learning styles in their classrooms at any given point. But how can you tell what your learners' DiSC styles are? 


First, use the online DiSC Profile of choice:

Second, have all learners complete said profile, and run a Group Report and a Facilitator Report. The Group Report is perfect to share with the group, while the Facilitator Report is designed to provide the training facilitator with tips on presenting the material to that specific group.

Lastly, review the Facilitator Report along with the Facilitator Kit to review the content and customize it accordingly. 

Enjoy this cheat sheet on the Types of Learning Styles you'll encounter during your training programs!


Training Types of Learning Styles DiSC Profiles

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