Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The West Wing: A Lesson in Management Training

The West Wing: A Lesson in Management Training

The company, SongKick, connects you with local bands, concerts and festivals in your area. You can track your favorite bands or find a new favorite band based on your current interests. Not only is their business cool but so is their outlook on management training. 

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Songkick is an online music-listing business where bands can promote their gigs and fans can follow artists. It's a smart idea, addressing the frustration most of us feel when we discover, a day too late, that our favorite musicians are playing our town and tickets have already sold out. But what I like even more than the site itself is the way it treats its employees: All new hires are given a video box set of "The West Wing."

Why? "The West Wing" shows teamwork at its finest. Lots of highly committed, smart people argue, yell, flirt and sulk their way through years of demanding, exhausting work. Working in the White House, they're up against insuperable odds -- trying to change America -- and they have only a short time to do it. They understand the difficulty of their mission but are determined to achieve whatever they can.

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