Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Want to Improve your Results? Become a Certified DiSC Trainer.

Register today for an upcoming Everything DiSC Certification event!

Why certification?

It's true - you don't need certification to teach DiSC, and all of our training kits come with great facilitator materials. Yet, our clients say that DiSC certification increased their confidence and credibility with their audience and organization.

Who can get certified?
The certification program is designed for anyone using DiSC today or planning to implement it in their organizations in the future.

When can I go? 

Register by October 22, 2012

What does Everything DiSC Certification provide?

The Everything DiSC Trainer Certification is a two-day training session held in Minneapolis, MN.

You'll receive:
  • 1 Everything DiSC Faciliator Kit of your choice
  • 2 days of DiSC classroom lecture, discussions and group presentations
  • Pre-work, course materials
  • Complete set of Everything DiSC personalized profiles and reports

You'll also receive valuable hands-on experience with all of the Everything DiSC profiles, including:

First, you'll learn the research behind the DiSC theory and how to interpret the Everything DiSC circular model. From there, you'll explore each of the Everything DiSC profiles, supplemental reports, group reports and facilitation materials. Participants will leave the training with an in-depth understanding of Everything DiSC and how to fully customize the materials to meet a variety of organizational needs. Learn more...

Seats are filling up quickly, so please visit our website or contact Corexcel at learn@corexcel.com or 1-888-658-6641 (Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5:30pm Eastern Time) to reserve your seat.
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