Friday, November 03, 2006

DiSC Facilitator Materials

Organizations that use the DiSC profile often incorporate the reports into one of their training classes or present DiSC as a stand alone course. While discussing DiSC with your group is beneficial, companies get a lot more out of the profile if they apply the proper training. The Everything DiSC System is the most powerful tool ever built to help you succeed with DiSC. It contains ready-made modules and course outlines that help you create simple, effective DiSC Profile training right out of the box. The DVD includes over 68 segments that clearly illustrate DiSC Profile styles, effective and ineffective communication in team and individual settings. The Everything DiSC Kit comes with:
  • Leader's Guide including: DiSC Theory, Resource Guides, 11 Insight Modules, 8 Course Outlines and Fully Scripted Seminar
  • PowerPoint Presentations with Corresponding Handouts
  • DVD Video Segments (Integrates with PowerPoint but can also be played separately)
  • Tutorial for Building and Customizing the DiSC Training PowerPoint
  • Sample Reports of all Online DiSC Profiles and Group Reports
  • QuikDiSC® Card Game
  • 10 Everything DiSC People-Reading Guides

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