Friday, October 27, 2006

EPIC and Online DiSC Profiles

Online DiSC profiles provide the same benefit as the paper-based version but the scoring is automated and the reports are delivered in a narrative format. If you remember from the last post paper-based DiSC profiles are scored by hand and users look up information about their personality type or behavioral style in the DiSC booklet. Questions are presented just like the paper-version but users check-off their choices rather than using a coin to scratch off symbols. Most people find the online version of DiSC more convenient and a great time saver. The DiSC online version is delivered through an online system called EPIC which stands for Electronic Profile Information Center. EPIC is an online platform that makes it easy to deliver profiles via the internet. Organizations can have an online account set up which allows them manage all aspects of the profile distribution. Organizations can use their training time more effectively by using EPIC and online profiles. Employees complete assessments online in advance of training sessions, which ensures that every minute of training time is used to its full advantage. The EPIC system administrators control access to online profiles. Administrators can issue access codes to anyone in the world via email, making the platform ideal for the needs of multilocation businesses. System administrators also determine when and where respondents view their profile results to manage every step of the learning process. Plus, the EPIC platform allows trainers to personalize the response process by customizing the splash page and the report cover with their company or department's contact information and logo. The EPIC system also offers advanced functionality that permits system administrators to track various activities. This allows administrators to audit system activity and determine how many profiles have been completed by training participants at any time. Through EPIC, administrators can also view, print, or email completed reports, as the system maintains an archive of completed profiles. The EPIC system also offers reports and features not available in paper profiles through a variety of features. These range from composite group results to overviews of a team's interpersonal relationships. EPIC also gives organizations the capability to build group reports from data stored in the system, providing an analysis of team dynamics. As teams change, new group reports can be generated from existing data, adding new understanding without requiring more training time. Some of the online profiles currently available on EPIC include:
Many of these are also available in a variety of languages. Facilitator kits can also be purchased to deliver training using the profiles listed above. I'll do more on facilitator materials next week.

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