Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meet & Greet - Our Newest Leadership Development Assessment!

If you haven't gotten the chance yet to meet our newest DiSC profile, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, what have you been waiting for?

The assessment is commonly used for executive coaching, leadership development or career development programs.

Your personalized report:
  • Describes your leadership style in detail
  • Provides a list of strengths and tips for improvement
  • Provides the framework for a leadership development action plan
  • Defines Vision, Alignment and Execution as it relates to effective leadership
Attend an Online Product Showcase!

Check out the Work of Leaders for yourself by attending a 60-minute online product showcase!

The virtual showcase gives you the opportunity to learn from the creators of DiSC about the benefits & tips for getting the most out of the leadership development assessment and training program.

Each attendee will receive:
  • Insider information on the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment & training program
  • Experience with Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, including all-new leadership video and classroom activities.
Registration is free. But, hurry... register today as spots are filling up quickly! Contact us to register for the date/time you're interested in, or email us at for more info.

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