Friday, March 23, 2007

4 Personality Types: Who is the Most Effective?

A friend of mine recently bought a fitness center franchise and she is miserable. She learned that when the center is empty she goes stir-crazy. She likes to have people around her all of the time and can’t stand the quiet of the afternoon. On the other hand, my best friend is an engineer and he happily works at home alone. Some people are outgoing, some enjoy keeping to themselves and others prefer a little of both. In fact, you can classify people into four basic personality types or behavioral styles. Look around your office and see if you see any of these people. We’ll call the first person Dave. Dave likes immediate results and tends not to listen to details before making decisions. He acts quickly and often cuts people off mid-sentence. Or how about Ingrid? Ingrid is optimistic and looks for the best in everyone. She enjoys conversations, networking events and spreads her influence using her charismatic style. Then there is Stan. Stan is very predictable and patient. He is very loyal to the organization and listens attentively. And finally, we have Catherine. Catherine is interested in accuracy and details. She enjoys working alone and prefers to use diplomacy to solve problems rather than direct confrontation. Read the full article

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