Thursday, October 02, 2008

Psychometric Testing

If you search the Internet for more information on DiSC Profiling you'll find several resources on psychometric testing. I stumbled across this definition today: Psychometric testing is a tool used mainly in the recruitment process. It is recognized as an efficient way to gain insight into a person’s personality and psychological thinking. It can help develop team spirit in the workplace and assess an individual’s priorities.

Psychometric testing is usually an office-based procedure, although the test itself can be conducted anywhere. Many are processed online using software applications. The test should only take around 15 minutes to complete, although depending on the depth of the test, it may take longer. There are tests to assess sales capability, management styles and social personality traits. Psychometric testing can be used in the development or selection process in business. A number of businesses around the world use psychometric testing on new or potential employees. The results of psychometric testing give management an idea of how the employee will fit in with company ideals and policies. Once the test has been completed, it takes approximately 5-10 seconds to produce the results. Read full description

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