Friday, March 15, 2013

Free DiSC Profile Test with Leadership Style Book

Free DiSC® Profile Test with Leadership Style Book
Purchase Now & Save $5 

We are always being asked for free DiSC® Profile tests, and if you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you know that we're always giving something away.

But, what you may NOT know is that every 8 Dimensions of Leadership book you purchase comes with its own free DiSC Profile test.  

Great leadership is not one-dimensional. It requires a multitude of competencies and skills that you may not be taking advantage of. The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: DiSC Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader organizes leadership competencies and skills into 8 zones which the authors call “dimensions."

Readers complete a shortened free DiSC Profile test or use the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile (sold separately) to determine their leadership style. The book guides you through your leadership style, tips and tricks for improving your leadership style even includes stories and insight from leadership experts. 

Unlike most books, The 8 Dimensions of Leadership is not designed to be read straight through. It's designed to offer you immediate insight and guidance into your personal leadership style. It's your personal road map to leadership style success.

The book is excellent for leaders of any industry or experience level. In a unique and personalized way, it will help you:
  • Discover your primary leadership style 
  • Identify and value all leadership styles 
  • Determine how your leadership style affects your everyday work routine
  • Consider leadership styles are most important for you to develop 
  • Learn lessons from leaders who share your leadership style
  • Learn from leadership experts with leadership styles you'd like to develop
The book itself is $22.95 and comes with a shortened free DiSC profile test. If you want to learn even MORE about your leadership style, check out the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile (sold separately). 

The first 20 people that call to purchase The 8 Dimensions of Leadership will save $5! Contact Jonelle Burns at or 1-888-658-6641 to receive your discount! 

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